Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl

It is safe to say, that I am a hopeless romantic who loves to read romance/fiction novels. But we all need to change our patterns sometimes, right?
Thus, if you are like me and want to try a different genre, this is the book for you.
This book is nothing but honesty. The honesty of a 13-year-old girl named Anne, who's life completely had changed during WW2. This was one of the books, I read day by day because of how much I wanted to cherish her story. It was simple, sad, scary, and yet hilarious at times.
By the end of this novel, I was in tears. I read her journey from the age of 13-16, saw her grow, fall in love, and fight. It truly felt like I knew her.

But this was my emotional reaction to the book. However, as a reader the parts I loved the most were her descriptions. I could imagine the people around her, the house, exactly how she felt, her relationship with her mom through the messy puberty. (She said a lot of  true things that all of us as 13-year-old did and thought of but never admitted.), which made it more fun to read. As any reader would say, It was fun to travel back to the 1940s.

Of course, there were bits I thought were repetitive or boring. However, it is important to understand it is a daily diary. So yes, some chapters in this novel like her life can be constant.
Lastly, It was one of the most unfortunate yet promising books I have yet come across. 


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