Elevate Your Communication Game With These Simple Tips

Communication works for those who work at it” - John Powell


Communication is not just a mere exchange of words. It would be unwise to state so. Communication, in its entirety, is a way to influence, exchange information, and inspire one another. When we think about it, it is quite bizarre to understand how it came into being. We evolved, and so did our method of communication, and from symbols, we ended up on words and complex sentences.

The way we communicate directly interprets how we express ourselves to the outside world. These interactions occur on a daily basis, with our family, friends, or co-workers, and if they are not productive or useful, then our lives become restricted.

 Moreover, like any other skill, it could very well be mastered. Here are some specific tips that will definitely help you elevate your communication game.

Be Precise:

            It is imperative for a good speaker to be precise in their speech. Precision allows for the most accurate translation of thought or idea into speech. This will evidently convey the right message to the receiver. Precision gives the person an ability to stand out since, at this point in time, the average world vocabulary levels are falling down.

On the other hand, imprecision leads to the destruction of meaning. When we see somebody speaking incorrectly, we find the essence sucked out of the conversation. Additionally, when we use imprecise speech over a period of time, it becomes a habit. Words help us convey our thought, and if we use improper vocabulary, we are inevitably restricting thoughts which, in turn, could be devastating.

Use Examples:

            We might probably hear it the hundredth time. Nevertheless, why is it important? Using examples while speaking tends to introduce referrals which ultimately induces credibility. In complex situations where one finds it difficult to explain something, examples come in handy. They simplify the situation and helps the person convey his message.

Similarly, examples create relevance, and this, in turn, will help the receiver resonate with your idea. Maybe, it turns out to be the last key factor that will spike the person’s interest.

Speak Convincingly:

            No matter what our conversation is about, the outcome is heavily dependent on the way we speak. Our style of communication profoundly impacts our personality. It is easy to notice how the people who speak loudly or shout ever so often tend to be aggressive, and people who speak lightly are more likely to have a softer personality.

Speaking softly indicates understanding and thoughtfulness. And why wouldn’t one talk to and understanding and thoughtful person? Pressing on the right words or putting emphasis correctly shows the importance of that specific sentence and would engage the listener more.

Mind Your Body Language:

            Portraying correct body language is extremely crucial for any excellent communicator. Do not fiddle around with things while you speak. Your posture should exude confidence and an air of command while you speak. This further hones one’s personality. There should not be any nervousness while we speak unless one himself is not aware of what to speak. More importantly, eye contact must be maintained. This helps the speaker hold the listener’s attention and makes convincing them a bit easier.

Listen Carefully:

            As we have been told, one should not listen to reply but listen to understand. The only way to be a good speaker very fast is to listen attentively. So often we hear the other person yet pay no heed to what they are talking about. That is both disrespectful and damaging to one’s relationships. Be patient and direct your focus to the speaker. This would gradually build trust amongst both speaker and listener, and the outcome is likely to be favourable for all.

“There is only one rule for being a good talker – learn to listen.” - Christopher Morley

 Listening is the key to reaching an understanding of and mutually agreed decision. Putting a soft smile on one’s face radiates a sense of kindness and harmony which will make the speaker or listener comfortable in their space and talk more openly.


Communication is something that can not be avoided. Whatever your job is, effective communication often reaps beautiful rewards. And since it is a skill, you can learn it anytime.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” - Paul J. Meyer


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