Look Forward

"Sabrina be ready in 5. We are taking Mike for cycling."
Sabrina showed an exasperation expression to her reflection in the mirror. She loved and adored her little brother and was always there to support him; It still didn't change the fact that he could not cycle for even 2minutes on his own.

However, that was not what got her frustrated. What got her frustrated was the fact her father was maybe going a bit too hard on the little guy. Sabrina's biggest weakness and strength were she had a far-sighted vision for the near future because she knew her father and brother both were going through tough times on their levels, her not going was going to make things worse than they already ours. Thus, she took the deepest breath and got ready to make this day a bit better.

Father and my relationship have been quite like a roller coaster with way too many downs and some memorable ups. Though, the one thing that remained constant was our comfortable silence. Which sometimes felt like it spoke its calming language. That was the language we spoke all the whole time till we reached the park.
My brother Mike, Father and me were all in the field. Determined that we will leave with a victory. Sleeves rolled up, Shoes tight, sun cream applied and a burning fire was lit up inside. These were the moments Sabrina loved the most. Where they all felt like one body. Strong and close.

When you plan things to go north and they go west, anger is acceptable.
"Dad are you kidding me!"
"Every single time Mike cycles forward, you call out his name. And Mike you. I have told you to keep looking forward and yet you look back at dad. Which makes you lose your balance."
Sabrina marched towards mike and held his head. It looked like she pressed it tight but it was a gentle touch.
"Mike you are so good at cycling. And no one can take that away from you. But you are never going to learn how to be the best cyclist with you keep on looking at your past every time you peddle forward. You will be bound to fall one way or the other."

It was then when the tears that had reached her lips. She realized she was crying.
It was then when she saw her father. Her smart, wisdomful father. Who managed to teach both kids 2 different lessons at the same time. Mike, finally how to cycle and me, to finally stop looking for what was left behind.
While Mike was far cycling with his friends as living life to the fullest, father and I once again shared the silence until it was broken.

"Why are you not going to the summer camp, I found your reminder email in the mail."
"Because it still doesn't feel like I deserve it. I got into the Camp out of self-pity. Because my mom died and the whole town had eyes on me. My teacher thought it was "Fair" to give me the extra recommendation while my best friend did not get in. Even though deep down we all knew who deserved it." Sabrina said as she trailed off as her voice breaking. Again.

"And then you wrote a letter to a letter to the management saying, to give another look at your application. You wrote another letter, telling them to take your best friend for the discount and you will pay the full payment and you even went to your best friend's house, apologized and left that house knowing things were right between you."
" I believe you got in with your hard work. I believe that if you go to that summer camp, you are leaving this town for the next 2 months with a pure heart. Deep down we both know it. How it happened is in the past that we cannot change but what will happen next you can. As you told Mike. You have to look forward if you don’t want to fall."
Sabrina hugged her dad more closely this time and knew she was on the "Up" of her memorable moments and decided that maybe it is this moment where she finally stops her pen and moves on to the next new chapter.


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