The First Phone Call From Heaven

In this book, writer, Mitch Albom takes us on a journey to a fictional place called Coldwater, Michigan. We read the stories revolving multiple characters who mysteriously receive a phone call from HEAVEN! Yes that’s true. Their dead mother, sister, friend or co-worker calls them from up above and the whole town is thrown into chaos rather quickly. The writer, though quite notoriously, plays with our faith in the hereafter and God. Coldwater used to be a small, quiet town, the kind where everybody knows everybody or you know somebody who knows anybody. But now, upon revelation from a character named Katherine Yellin, it starts bustling with tourists, religious people and news reporters alike.

The enormity of this phenomenon attracts protestors too. The kind who believe this is a hoax or that heaven should not be talked about like that, with its integrity scattered across the streets. A character, Sullivan Harding-who recently came out of jail because of a false accusation that he crashed a plane knowingly-decides to expose this trickery. He lost his wife to an accident and was in jail when she passed away. If dead people were calling from heaven, then why hasn’t his wife called? Even though they loved each other a lot. The tipping point arrives when Katherine Yellin announces that she would broadcast the call live on T.V with her dead sister from heaven. This sends the world into a frenzy. Coldwater was choking with people who were there to witness ‘the call from heaven’ and those who didn’t believe but still wanted to be a part of something that will forever be remembered in history. Meanwhile, Sullivan Harding thinks he’s closer to exposing this whole drama. Will he do it? Or will Katherine’s sister call from heaven when every eye is fixated on her? Will the world be disappointed or will their faith be restored? Well, you gotta read the book for that. I would not spoil the story.

Mitch Albom, in this extremely amazing novel, weaves the words in such a way that you would find yourself smiling sometimes and you will feel tears forming your eyes the other times. A rollercoaster of emotions is what this book will take you on. After reading this book I just sat idle in one place for quite some time because the experience mesmerized me and I was left thinking.


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