Another Morning


Again, another early morning.

I woke up and rushed to the roof and lay on the floor, eyes up to the sky, watching the unending blue blanket with white puff of clouds.

The clouds reminded me of the way we used to play with them, giving names and extracting stories from their random meaningless shapes.

Yeah, I remember that too when you pointed towards the circular cloud with a wide pit.

You exclaimed " I'm waiting for the day, when you will come out of nowhere, bending your knees and proposing me to live till eternity with that ring in decorated case". And I smiled.

I smiled for another thought jolted in my mind. Yeah, there was another cloud too, with the shape of heart, and my love, I already gave it to you, just without bending my knees.

I could give a ring to some other girl too but my heart, it will always remain in your hands, only, if you hold it tight, but I guess your hands were worn out or maybe my heart was so heavy that you moved on with your hands all empty.

The birds started to fly over my head, reminding me of the height of love that we grew together and the freedom we enjoyed in our company.

I don't know why you had to go, probably my love was not enough or probably I was living in a fantasy of love that never existed. But you know what, even If it was just a fantasy, I'm still in it.

"No one can replace you" I always said. Probably, another fantasy.


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