No matter how hard I try; I just can't forget about these consequences.
A hurdle, that keeps starting after another.
Only If I could forget, what impact these consequences have.
However, my friend, there was a time where I blinked; 
just like that, I forgot how these consequences can affect.
It was the time, where the strong emotions in my head had taken away the wheel from my hand.
What happened next, like a snowball these hurdles had taken over my mess;
I couldn't find a way to destress.
Only if these were a test,
I would give it a million times again.
Only if I had truly remembered, everything has a cause and effect. 
Wouldn't have spoken those words or acted that way in my "Act". 
I would have done things differently that is a promise I secretly keep to myself.

See it all makes sense, my friend. 
The Choice is always in your own free will; in your own firm hands.
But when life gives you its consequences that is a trail you are now bound to full fill.
What can I say next? That is how we have to pay so we can rest.
All I hope is that we can confess to our mistakes in the end to ourselves.


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