Intel Tech, May 09

Android 11 to launch a public beta version soon.

Google finally revealed the release date of it’s next Android Update; It will be Android 11 (in beta format). It was revealed on a live stream where Google stated that Android 11 would be launched as a beta version publically on June, 03.

Its more likely that Google will reveal some exciting features and functioning of this new update, by going live before its public beta release data, moreover it is believed that Android 11 will include significant modifications regarding control, connectivity, safety, security improving accessibility for mobile devices.

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MIUI 12 to go global on May 19.

MIUI is an Android-based operating system used by Chinese electronic manufactures Xiaomi in their smartphones and tablets.

MIUI was officially announced late in April, It was initially introduced to the Chinese audience only, but now they are going to launch it globally on May 19, this official date my revealed by twitter account of MIUI.

It is confirmed that MIUI 12 will be based on Android 10 coming with significant visual improvements, new animations and more improved dark mode. A unique feature is also introduced, which is named as AI Calling.

Facebook “Discover” App Update.

Facebook took another step forward to stand out and connect the world with its new App named “Discover”.

This App will allow people to browse the internet or this platform using free data. According to the company announcement, this App is designed to bridge the gap and to keep people connected until they purchase or get converted into their regular data.

This will be beneficial in such times of global pandemic, where people are benefited by providing easy access to health information and COVID-19 resources, highlighting them on the homepage of “Discover” App.

Samsung to launch Samsung Pay Debit Card soon.

Samsung planning to launch a Samsung Pay Debit Card soon. This statement was announced by a blog post of vice president and general manager of Samsung Pay named “Sang Ahn”.
This Samsung Pay Credit Card will be backed by a cash management account, in partnership with the finance company SoFi, Ahn said.

Samsung is also developing a mobile app, a mobile-first money management platform, Ahn said. The platform doesn’t detail about more features that a money management platform or the upcoming Samsung’s debit card may have.

Unacademy data hacked, 22 million user’s data sold.

The popular online learning platform Unacademy suffered a data breach, where hackers hacked data of almost 22 million users and sold it on the dark web.

Moreover, cybersecurity experts revealed, that the hackers hacked 21,909,707 user’s data and sold for 2,000$ on darknet forums. The hacked information included users account username, password, date of joining, last login time and other profile details.

According to the report, most of the Unacademy accounts were created using corporate emails. In case these people have used the same password on both their corporate platforms (Wipro, Infosys, Facebook and Google) and Unacademy profile, it might allow the hackers to compromise different networks using those hacked details.

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