Intel Tech, May 13

Twitter allows the staff to work from home forever.

In light of the current pandemic times, different marketplaces are facilitating their employees to work from their home; so far, the social media company “Twitter” has told their workers that they can work from their home forever, as the future will be entirely different after coronavirus.

This decision came up as Twitter said that working from home during this pandemic had been successful; moreover, it is also stated that the workers are also eligible to join the office if they want to, after coronavirus.

Earlier this month, we have also heard that Facebook and Google staff can work from home till the end of this year.

Facebook to tackle coronavirus misinformation with AI.

The social media giant Facebook has revealed that they are going to integrate artificial intelligence to tackle the hateful memes and coronavirus misinformation.

Moreover, Facebook’s efforts are leaning on AI to filter objectional content that includes hateful speech, memes, and false information regarding coronavirus.while a report says that; Facebook has removed 9.6 million posts for violating their policies, in the first three months of this year.

Facebook is using AI, which has become better to filter and analyze the content in bulk, currently being posted during these lockdown times.

Instagram brings new features to combat bullying.

As we discussed how Facebook is using AI to tackle hate speech, on the other hand, Instagram is going to launch some new features to stop cyberbullying.

This update will now facilitate the user to delete multiple hateful comments, also allowing the user to block or restrict various accounts at a time. Instagram is also going to launch a “Pin Comment” feature, where a user can easily pin a comment on top of any post.

Instagram has also blocked many third-party apps available on the internet; meanwhile, the Instagram Lite App circulating on the internet is permanently shut down.

Google Play Store has removed 813 Apps qualified as creepware.

Google Play Store, which is essentially an app store with millions of apps that are categorized into different categories for the ease of the user.

Google has removed 813 Apps from the play store, which are listed as creepware by the researchers studying stalk-ware like apps; moreover, they described that the creepware apps are primarily involved in impersonal cyber attacks. These apps are not only spyware or carry malware, but they are also used to stalk or threaten any other person directly or indirectly.

Playstation 04 Sales Reach 110.4 Million.

The PlayStation 04, which is the eighth generation, video gaming console developed by Sony. This version of the gaming console has reached 110 million units, while the PlayStation 05 is still on track for 2020.

Sony has revealed its financial reports, stating that it had sold 1.5 million units in a short time from January 2020 to the end of March 2020. Further on, reports confirmed that PlayStation 05 is still on track for holidays in 2020, despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus.

So are you going to buy the latest PlayStation 05? Let me know in the comment section.


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