Intel Tech, May 16

Facebook Buys Giphy To Integrate it with Instagram.

A popular website, “Giphy,” which is well known for its animated images and GIFs, is bought by Facebook to integrate it with the most rapidly growing Instagram photo-sharing app. This was reported by Facebook in their blog post on Friday.

The cost that Facebook and Giphy have declined to disclose was placed around $400 million, reported by website Axios.

Further, the company said that the Giphy library would be integrated into Instagram and other Facebook-owned apps. Giphy, in their blog post, stated that “We will continue to make Giphy available for the wider ecosystem.”

WhatsApp to Integrate Messenger rooms soon.

Reportedly, WhatsApp is going to launch another beta version soon. The core updates will be the integration of Facebook Messenger Rooms for WhatsApp Android.

WhatsApp confirmed that the beta update would be made available to a broader audience soon; currently, it is open to some US users only.

In order to check this integration, one should go to the chat share sheet to find the “Room Button” integration. The room shortcut will replace the old camera button, according to the reports.

WhatsApp Business allows to Sync Facebook Page details.

Besides being used globally to communicate, WhatsApp is used widely for businesses. WhatsApp Business allows the user to input all the necessary information to be displayed to the customers. Besides this, a core update was released where a person can integrate its Facebook Page details with WhatsApp Business.

It allows the user to sync their Facebook Page details; this update will enable the small businesses to grow by running Facebook Ads to help the customers to reach out their WhatsApp, reported by Android Police.

Google Chrome to block the ads that drain the battery.

The widely used Android browser, “Google Chrome,” has finally taken an initiative to block all the unnecessary ads that are continuously draining your battery and global data.

To improve the user’s experience, by improving their battery life, data usage and website speed, Google Chrome will delete all the unnecessary ads that use a lot of network data and computing power, stated Google on Thursday.

Google is going to experiment with its technologies in the coming months, and planning to integrate it in Chrome in August, stated Google in the blog post.

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